read feeds using Zend Feed + EHttpClient


I’m here to share a way to use Zend_Feed_Reader with the EHttpClient extension

Why use EHttpClient and not to use Zend_Autoloader?

To use less Zend dependencies, speeding it up

How to use:

download EHttpClient extension and extract it in your extensions folder

Also, extract the content of the attached file to application.vendors folder and apply this code anywhere you want to use Zend_Feed

    	//add zend folder to the include path and save the old one


    	//include zend_loader

    	require_once $path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'Zend'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'Loader.php';

    	//load zend_feed class


    	//read the feed, try/catch will prevent it from throw an exception



    	}catch(CException $e){ 




    	//after you use zend classes, remove zend from included paths to increase perfomance


The modified Zend_Feed is attached

Hope it helps


Very cool Gustavo…

This is an excellent solution.

Thank you!

Excelent! - this only one extension which working for me.