Re-published assets from a Module.

I am using the yii-dashboard module that comes with its own .css etc.

This comes with a AdminBootstrap class to change the assets path for the Admin Module’s Bootstrap component. This is needed because if the front-end uses Bootstrap too, it will override this module’s style. The class forces it to load a separate asset folder, thereby separating the styles between front/backend.

If I change settings in the css, what is the best way of refreshing the published asset files from the yii-dashboard module?

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I have added the following to the components/Controller.php, but my style changes are still not showing up.

        protected function beforeAction($action){

            if(defined('YII_DEBUG') && YII_DEBUG){

                Yii::app()->assetManager->forceCopy = true;


            return parent::beforeAction($action);


you can force asset manager to publish the assets on every request

// in config/main.php under components

'assetManager' => array(

    'forceCopy' => YII_DEBUG ? true : false