RBAC Underscores

I have permissions:



        $rules[] =  [

            'actions' => ['index','view'],

            'allow' => true,

            'roles' => ['anatomy_organsystem_view'],



        $rules[] =  [

            'actions' => ['update'],

            'allow' => true,

            'roles' => ['anatomy_organsystem_update'],


When my regular user (view only) logs in then they can are granted also update permissions

(while rbac only specifies ‘anatomy_organsystem_view’ for this user

However when I rename the pemission from anatomy_organsystem_update to xx then the rbac verification is correct.

Any ideas why…

Ok, it seems to be not only the underscores, but also -

and also camelcasing did not work…

I am sure I am missing something here… suggestions are very welcome

Never mind the underscores or whatever… it seemed to do with something else…

newly created xx works, renaming existing to 123456789 does not work either…