RBAC Porblem - auth_assignments table

[size="4"]Hi all,

I am facing some trouble with yii’s RBAC at the moment. what i wanted to know is, why this auth_assignments table is having user id as varchar ?? i am having use_id in user table as bigint since i am using postgresql. is it possible to change the auth_assignments tables user_id to intor big int ? if so, will check access method work ??

i am very confused. please help me out with this.

tnx in advance.[/size]

anyone there to help me?



I have used rbac in projects but not as your requirement to change the type.

Here are my thoughts

No reason springs to mind right now, other than flexibility for other developer with primary key requirement such as user_id = "fin101" or user_id = "hr300" for finance or human resources department.

It is possible, yeah but why change it? If you wish to use int, postgresql performances should still measure up - due to how primary are index using b-trees.

Although, I do not see anything within checkAccess() method or execution of business rules that will affect any changes you make, I personally will not recommend this though as you will now need to testing for these changes as well.

Just my thoughts

Thanks alot for ur reply…

the reason to change the column type is its not allowing me to join both user table and auth assignment table…

my sql query is as following…

SELECT departments.name, users.first_name,users.last_name,users.department_id

from users join departments on users.department_id = departments.id join auth_assignments on[font="Arial Black"] users.id = auth_assignments.userid[/font]

due to this issue, i thot of making auth_assignments.userid a bigint or int… so that i can join and both tables and do somework. but again i am confused weather this change will affect the Yii’s RBAC. i am new to yii. so bit struggling…

any help kindly appreciated.

tnx :)