RBAC manager

I am pretty new to yii2, but the more I learn the more of a fan I become.

The following issue I am facing in implementing rbac. How to manage it.

Is there an extensiton that easily visualizes with checkboxes or something the permissions and rules etc to set them easily’

Is there an extenison that visulizes all the permission a user has ?

Thanks for your advise

You have given an idea to build a new extension.


I have already written parts of the specs, but I do not want to write it on my own … anyone interested?

Anything like this?

Thanks… I will take a look at those… unfortunately the git descriptions do not include screenshots

So I think I have to implement them to see how it works

yii2-admin seems to have screenshots, a small link at the bottom of the description page. Overlooked that. For the others some screenshots would be useful