RBAC Extensions. Which is the best? Why?


I need in my app good permisions system.

So in Yii i have to use RBAC.

I need 3-4 levels on front end, and 2 on backend.

Which extensions for RBAC is the best in your opinion for my app and why?

Please give me tips, because i cannot spend time for testing and searching good module…

My limited research tells me SRBAC if permissions is your primary focus, or yii-user-management if you want other features along with basic permission control. Your requirements sound simple, so you will likely be fine with the built in yii RBAC…

I like Rights.

It is easy to use, well documented and seems easy to integrate to the design of your website.

This module looks so nice!

I dont know, how it can provide roles/tasks without rbac?

Rights is an extension for RBAC :)

It just makes everything easier.

links maybe usefull :rolleyes:


I do not know but this is still good or not

if you just need ‘levels’, not ‘roles’, ‘roles inheritance’, etc, then RBAC is an overhead, and you probably won’t need it…

You can just put user ‘level’ in users state (Yii::app()->user->setState()), and use expressions in accesfilters: