rbac error in run

when i run “php yii rbac/init” command in terminal for run “rbacController” in console folder

i get error “Unknown command “rbac/init”.”

Hi ni1,

Would you please tell us your problem in details?
What did you do and what did you expect in place of that error message?

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Sorry for saying it, but this is a very lazy question. In fact, it is not even a question, but merely the least amount of words copied and pasted from the detailed error message Yii gave you.

What is interesting, is what lead Yii to fail at that point.

We would appreciate if you could kindly give us some information to help us help you. :slight_smile:

when i running that command for run rbac i get that error
i dont khnow what you mean

That is the entire error?

What is in the log?