RBAC CDbAuthManager Custom Schema

I am creating an app with Yii and I seem to be stuck on the RBAC functionality. Given the following schema, how can I configure RBAC?

User (userId pk)

Role (roleId pk)

UserRole (userId fk, roleId fk)

I wanted to keep the user role relationship flexible to allow multiple roles, however, if the above will not work would the following:

User (userId pk, roleId fk)

Role (roleId pk)

I am totally confused when it comes to the built in RBAC feature and I have read through the class reference and the definitive guide. Thanks in advance.

use the schema "schema.sql" defined in system.web.auth and it will manage it for you

then do take 1 more read at the documentation and i think you will get it

also try to understand a little the function of the created tables