RBAC and the Advanced App Template & mdmsoft/yii2-admin

G’day all!

I am slowly starting to migrate my site to Yii2 and I’ve come across an interesting issue.

I am using the Yii Advanced app template with the backend and frontend, and I’ve used the “mdmsoft/yii2-admin” plugin to manage the RBAC system.

However seeing as I essentially have 2 Yii applications (backend and frontend), I can only create roles in the backend area from my backend site.

Looking at the way the data is stored, there isn’t a way to store the routes for both backend and frontend in the same tables as we have both site/index in frontend and backend.

I thought perhaps I could create separate tables for backend and frontend, but that means different roles etc too.

Perhaps there is a way to incorporate the application into the routes? Has anyone come across this problem and have a good solution?