Rating And Down Votes

The rating of wiki articles and extensions are calculated from user votes.

But the calculation logic seems to honor the down votes unbelievably high over up votes.

This is one of the "sorted by rating" examples.



Is only one down vote worth canceling 22 up votes? I think it’s unfair.

And, I think there are some people who tend to down vote just because they don’t understand. Not so many, but I’m sure there are.

So, if it’s easy to modify the calculation logic, we should change it. :)

Currently the Wilson score interval is calculated to get the rating - http://en.wikipedia…_score_interval

And that value is stored in a separate field so that the sort can be done on that field.

Thanks, Maurizio.

OK, although I don’t understand the Wilson score at all, I do understand the calculation logic of the rating has some reasonable basis.

In my opinion down votes serve nothing other than to give spiteful and jeaous people the opportunity for mischief. Positive votes are all that are need for an accurate metric of popularity. Down votes corrupt the true picture, particularly when they are malicious.


Yeah, I share your opinion. I feel almost the same.

There used to be the down voting functionality also in our forum. But they changed the settings and hid it from the screen. I believe it was a right choice. The down voting in forum NEVER help us communicate better. It just causes useless flames.

But I think that the wikis and the extensions need another criteria for rating. It should be less personal. Sometimes I DO want to vote down some wiki articles when they are, say, useless. Although I have never done it, down voting for wikis and extensions has some sense.

I don’t like downvoting at all.

It should be turned off for the extensions, IMO.

If an extension is good, it’s got many upvotes and a lot of followers. No need to have downvotes at all. If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t vote it up. :)

Exactly! I just released what I believe is a very nice extension, yet some moron down voted it. I am absolutely sure before they had even tried it - it was purely malicious.