radiobuttonlist without model in yii

I have a radiobuttonlist without model is as below

echo CHtml::radioButtonList($name.$category.$x,$yesno,array('1'=>'Yes','0'=>'No',),

array('separator' => "",'id'=>$qustype.$qusid, ) );

and I have inserted the data i.e selected radio button value into the database fine.But when I retrieve the data from database the corresponding radiobutton is not checking…and when I inspect the radiobutton on browser it shows as

<input id="Cr11_0" value="1" type="radio" name="Cr11">

 <label for="Cr11_0">Yes</label> 

<input id="Cr11_1" value="0" checked="checked" type="radio" name="Cr11">

 <label for="Cr11_1">No</label>

from above retrieved value is 0 and it shows checked but on browser , it is not selected when loading…where did I make Mistake …please any suggestion would be appreciated…

try to control status via JQuery…