QuickSIS - Student Information System

Hello fellow Yii members,

I have been busy the last few months working on my Student Information System project. Just got it out and would like to invite fellow members to see what you can achieve with Yii.

It is tailored to our academic system here so you might not fully understand its use but I just want you to admire the wonderful admin interface.

For the best experience with the system, visit the site using Chrome.

Username: admin

Password: admin


Great work bro!!!! :lol:

hi im new here… can you give me example of your work like Student information system, that i can practice while im home… thnx

good idea :D would have never thought of it

really cool . could you share some extension to us :lol:

the ordering column is pretty !

Is there a download?

:lol: this project is not opensource !

nyc work

Reminds me of joomla (the look) …lol

I’ll be releasing a series of extensions very soon.

Does this do scorm?

It’s not an LMS. It’s a SIS.