Questions about pagination

Hi everyone!

I am writing a website according to manul about building blog on Yii and I have several questions about pagination. I hope someone help me here…

Let’s start… How can I hide text on top of content which showing when I use pagination, I mean some statistics about amount of posts and how can I do pagination for comments on post page according to manual about building blog on Yii. I tried to do it like in example on page, but I create an instance of model using operator new that’s why I don’t know how to limited comments on post page, however, I see a pager, but comments output all on post page…

Hi Mr.T and welcome to the forum.

I am kinda confused about what exactly you are asking for. Are you worried about the summary text?

In your widget CGridView / CListView you can use the following options…

'template' => '{items}{summary}{pager}',  // move in the order you see fit or delete the ones you don't use.

'summaryText' => '',  // define whatever you want to output

Hope this helps some, if not please clarify what you are after.

enfield, thank you for your answer. This is what I have looking for :)

I have one more question about CLinkPager. How to make friends CLinkPager and AJAX?