Question On Sessions Cdbhttpsession

Hi, I’ve been trying to locate where the CDbHttpSession is called after login, to rewrite it.

My problem is that I have 3 products in my App, and each are restricted on X simultaneous users, so I shouldn’t allow any user to access these products until someone closes session or the admin manually removes the session from the DB.

Any help on how could I achieve it?


Maybe: ?

Thanks, one more question, is it ok that the $_session has info? I thougth that all info was going to be saved on db and only there. Thanks

The data that you have in the $_SESSION is the same one you have in your database. The session class overrides the session save handler so that the data is not saved on the server in a file but rather in a database.

Thanks, so the $-session will be always populated no mather what class I use for session handle? (CDbHttpSession or CHttpSession)