question on blog demo tutorial


As I am following the blog demo tutorial I find myself having to look at the 'finished' demo to fill in gaps in the tutorial

I was wondering if this is intended or just a question of lack of time to fill in those gaps.

For instance there was no mention of the necessity to add the captchaAction to the actions array of the PostController for the captcha to be displayed. Of course this made me look at the code and look for the reason why it was not working and this is always good …

is my question relevant ?

Thanks a lot for this framework with which I am really excited to begin new projects.

The blog tutorial was started after the whole demo was finished. Therefore, it is possible that we miss something. Please feel free raise questions in this forum. And at the same time, we will continue to improve the tutorials. Thanks.

Do u think it would be best here or in the tutorial comments ?

I wrote a few things there, I can continue or do it here if you like it better here

let me know