question about yiic

Hi all

Just start learning Yii, reading the most I can here and there. I feel it’s a great framework. However, I’m a little confused right now. The tutorials (and the Agile book) talks about using a code generation command line tool called yiic.

Then I found that is deprecated :blink: at

It suggest to use Gii instead. Personally I like the command line approach, RoR style.

Should I forget about yiic before start using it?


Just try Gii, I think you’ll like it ;)

Hi andy

Sure I will. But I understand that first I need to use yiic to create the basic skeleton. Am I right?


Yeah, I only create the skeleton from yiic, while the others I use Gii…

So basically I only use

./yiic webapp project_name

Ok, thanks a lot for clarifying B)