Question about the gridview

hi everybody,

i want to know some things about gridview.

1- why the "value" that will be avaluated as a php script is limited by just 1 instructor, because i tryed to put 2 instructors (for example displaying 2 images with the CHtml pacage) but it always aveluate just the first !

2- i want to put buttons in each row of the grid view that on click of each one it takes me to a controler action, to do that i want on click of one of those buittons appears a costom confirm box (done by jquery) to do execute this action. but i don’t know how to redirect to a controller action on clik of that confirm(this confirm use a jquery script to test the click(yes or no) this is the link to the jquery script if you want to know )

wish you help me in this problem

The value is not a real limitation, you can simply write a subview or a function in the model for display this object, you will get, as plus, a more ordered code.

P.S:be patient while posting, if you click too many time you will get duplcated (or tripled) post and, as a consequence, mdomba will get very angry!

Sorry for the duplicated post but i get an SQL error told me that my post is not posted and that’s why i clicked 2 time :((

and thank you for answer it helps me :))

@ zaccaria :

Do you have any idea about my second request ?

Just check the documentation about CButtonColumns.

It seems possible to add as button as you wish, but I never did it.

Hi karim gioca…

we are getting many duplicate posts for the last week… seems that some users (maybe that with slower connection) are getting that SQL error like you got it…

If it happens again to you (or anybody that reads this post)… please copy that error and post it on the forum or send it to me (or Qiang) on PM, so that we can investigate what is going on…