Question about creating an extension from an existing library.

I want to take the HybridAuth library on and turn it into a Yii extension. However, the library does not follow Yii standards. For example, a class named Hybrid_Auth is located in a file named Auth.php.

I really don’t want to modify the source so it can easily be updated later. If I try to instantiate a Hybrid_Auth object, it will look for a file called HyBrid_Auth.php, which doesn’t exist. How could I get Yii to look in the Auth.php file for the Hybrid_Auth class? Thanks.

you can make it a component in yii

all you need to do is the insert it in your components array inside the config/main.php file

the most important array key is the "class" which it value will be the path to the auth.php file



      'Auth' =>array (

                  'class'=>'..//Auth.php'  #put the dir of your extension

                  //you can also define use variables inside this array


now in your code (model, controllers) you can have this



Awesome, thanks for the helpful reply.

Did you ever make it anywhere with this one? I’ve been following the HybridAuth library for a while…very interested in hearing what you ended up doing.

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