Question About Asset Folder?

I am working on YII project with SVN. My designer has added/updated some css/icons files in SVN. when I check out and see the design in my system, it is not reflecting , i tried copy the same "asset" folder of my designer, still it does not show as my designer view in his system.

How can I publish the website ? Please help.

I have searched wiki/google, am unable to understand and do further step.

The asset folder is generated automatically when using register* family methods of CClientScript. Maybe you mean static contents in some images or css folder? Could you share your directory structure and some part of view that should display those files?

This is folder structure,

The above structure is my view… if you want i can share my designer’s folder structure?? but it is different

I think it would help tremendously if you’d delete all content from the assets folder after an svn update.

@ Da:Sourcerer , Thanks

Will it publish in my source as well? So that I can see the changes done by my designer?

Hi ,

Please don’t consider the assets folder. From the theme itself decide the css, js files under your theme/<yourtheme>/css/… and js/…

Yii generates automatically the asset folders contents. While going for svn just leave the folder assets.

Then Suggest the designer to delete all contents from assets while he checks for his own designs. I too had the same problem no I am very clear with this. Even if you have the doubt ping me I too from chennai.

To be honest, everything in assets should be kept out of version control. Set your subversion ignores up accordingly.