Query Using Active Records

Table profile

ID   Name     curdate

1    John     2014-10-08

2    Steve    2014-09-06

3    Mark     2014-06-07


My Query

SELECT rs.* 

FROM (SELECT p.*, SUBSTR(p.`curdate`,1,4) AS d_year, SUBSTR(p.`curdate`,6,2) AS d_month, SUBSTR(p.`curdate`,9,2) AS d_day FROM profile AS p) AS rs WHERE rs.d_month IN ('10','06');

Anyone knows how to implement this query in activerecords?.

The reason why i want this query, Its because i want a custom search of curdate by year, month, day. I don’t know how to execute this.

pls help. thank you.

I think you could use some mysql date functions to help you out instead of using substrings.

For your example, something like this should work:

SELECT * FROM profile WHERE month(curdate) IN (10, 6);

thank you so much sir. I didn’t know the month function can be use in searching. hehehe thanx.