Query in search function (wrong result)

Hi All,

Please help me figure out what am I doing wrong here:

In search function in one of my models I have:

$registered_sql="(select count(cTeilnehmerID) from buchung b where b.cSchulungsTerminID=t.cSchulungsTerminID)";

$criteria->select=array('*', $registered_sql.' as registered');

This works fine, but if I do:


$criteria->select=array('*', $registered_sql.' as registered');

the "registered" column in view returns 0 for all records…where is the problem?

In the former the $registered_sql is a aql. So it will be executed as a sub query for every row.

But in the latter $registered_sql is not a sql. CActiveRecord::count() doesn’t return a sql string, but the count number itself as a string.

It’s just a count of rows whose cSchulungsTerminID is something that you have in $this->cSchulungsTerminID. Note that $this refers to the model that has the search parameters. When you do not specify cSchulungsTerminID in the search, then $this->cSchulungsTerminID should be empty, and you’ll get “0” for the $registered_sql.

Ok, thank you softark.