This is my first Yii project, I was mostly using Drupal, cakePHP and raw php.


I’m sorry, I can’t post links :unsure:

It’s my own website and I though it would be nice to learn Yii while renewing my old (and unmaintained) joomla site.

I liked Yii and I will use it for future projects. Now I have a smaller and a much easier to manage website (images for example are automatically resized to 3 sizes on content creation).

I hope you like it, even if it’s so simple.

Changed text to link. You’ll be able to post links soon.

Nice menu solution btw.

Thank you ;)

I didn’t make that menu (the same for the projects section, or the news block on the home), I just used it, so the creator deserves all the merit. My only work was to integrate them with Yii and the database :rolleyes:

I didn’t want to spend much time on this, as I have some customer’s projects waiting for me…