Putting A Yii Website On A Shared Server

I’m trying to put a website that uses yii on a shared server, I’ve uploaded the framework and pointed the index.php to it, but I still dont’ have anything showing up. Can someone please tell me if I’ve done anything wrong.

If you mean white screen, it’s PHP error, check logs.

If it’s default webserver page (like “It works!”) then you’ve probably missed the webroot.

Try viewing (framework location)/requirements first. When it loads it’ll show you how your hosting handles Yii and what needs to be done. Then go from there and verify the path to (framework location)/framework in your index.php.


thanks for the help.

In my error logs I have this error

How do I make it so that it’s one folder up. Because the path is suppose to look like this

Folder "test" seems to be in the way; delete it from the path.

create a .htaccess file and put it in the same level as index.php

add the following to it.

#Use if on shared hosting and is not in the root folder.

RewriteBase /

if the screen is completely white this is most likely your problem.