Push Data To View

I am having a really strange problem. I am trying to send a variable to a view (a file name - for purpose of testing I just set the variable $nf to a string value). In the controller I have e.g.

public function actionCreate()


        $model=new NewTask;

	$nf = "test";








				$this->redirect(array('view','id'=>$model->id, 'nf'=>$nf,));



Then in the view I simply use

<h4>File successfully uploaded - <?php echo $nf; ?>

//This generates an error - Undefined variable nf

//However I can use Get

<h4>File successfully uploaded - <?php echo $_GET['nf']; ?>

I can pass the variable and use GET to retrieve the value however I should not have to do that. In the sample code above I have just set the variable to a string however it will be used to pass the file name to the view - I just changed it to a string for testing and still I get an undefined variable error. Any help appreciated.

$this->redirect(array('view','id'=>$model->id, 'nf'=>$nf,));

// to 

$this->render('view',array('id'=>$model->id, 'nf'=>$nf,));


you can refer the $id and $nf if use render .

if use redirect you will have to use $_GET[‘xx’] to refer them . :lol:

redirect will use "header" php function , you can view the source

I remember reading that - thanks that is the solution. Much appreciated