Pull the other table's data on the another CRUD page

Hi All,

I have created simple CRUD pages for school and student. Now on the student page, i want to pull the data from the school table so while creating the student i can add that particular student into the school(want to insert the school_id)

SO i just wanted to ask you that what database structure i should write for the both table? and what kind of changes i need to do in the form.php(student) so i can see the other tables(school names) value as well?

Please i will appreciate if you will help me to start this two table relationship module.

Thanks in advance.

This is not a bug ;-).

But this should help:

	<div class="row">

    	<?php echo $form->labelEx($model, 'user_id'); ?>

    	<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model, 'user_id', CHtml::listData(User::model()->findAll(), 'id', 'name')); ?>

    	<?php echo $form->error($model, 'user_id'); ?>


where user_id is the foreign key in a table referencing User. In your case it should be school_id, and you’d need to call School::model()->findAll().

Note that you really only want to SELECT the fields you actually use; the findlAll() call returns all DB-fields. But it works.

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Yes!! I am getting the values in the drop down box. thanks a lot. :)

Now while creating i want to insert that (school_id) in to student table as well.

Could you please tell me how i can get the id as hidden or something so i can insert that into the student table?

I got the values. Just check your model/yourfilename.php page and check the rules() function where we need to set the values.

Your code should be the following:

        <div class="row">

        <?php echo $form->labelEx($model, 'school_id'); ?>

        <?php echo $form->dropDownList($model, 'school_id', CHtml::listData(School::model()->findAll(), 'id', 'name')); ?>

        <?php echo $form->error($model, 'school_id'); ?>



If school_id appears as one of the validation-rules it is marked as safe for massive assignment. Basically this means that it should work.

Be sure to look at the tutorials and most definitely follow the Blog-tutorial. It’s a big help and explains a lot.

Yii is actually quite well documented, you just have to know where to look for what kind of information.

Thanks for your valueable reply ChessSpider,

yes thats exact i have done and its working.:)

Could you please suggest me some good Blog-tutorials on Yii?

I meant this one: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/blog/