Publishing to Shared Hosting

I’ve been publishing a 99% finished app from in-house servers (MAMP on OS X and XAMPP on OS X) to a new shared web hosting account. This is my first experience with shared hosting. Always before I’ve had dedicated servers, either physical or virtual.

I’ve learned a lot about paths and case sensitivity in the process. I learned to run the host’s script to install Yii instead of copying the folder there myself.

This will be quite easy, though a bit tedious, once I’ve done a few. Unexpectedly, I’ve found that it is fast, fast, fast. I’ve signed up with Arvixe for the rock bottom account. $4.00 per month if you pay for a bunch up front. $7 for one month with no promises and $2 for a static IP. And it’s fast! Amazing. It takes a couple of page loads for it to get up to speed, but then… Yii is simple and fast, the app/framework I’ve built on top of it is simple and fast. It’s paid off.

Here’s my last issue that I can’t seem to figure out on my own. I’ll bet someone more experienced will probably know what’s wrong. I’m using TinyMce for a couple of form fields in a couple of content types. On the Mac servers, it works great. On the Arvixe shared hosting account, no go. I don’t get an error message. Firebug shows that it’s just not there except for the little button on the bottom that says Text Mode.

I’m imagining this has nothing to do with TinyMce itself, but is something different in regards to the shared hosting?

Any ideas?


Did you remember to enable write access to the assets folder? TinyMCE will probably be copied over there as an asset. For more info, check

The assets folder is write enabled and tinymce is in there. Other extensions are in there and working.

Resolved for the current selection of features.

I compared the raw source from the rendered page on a working development site and the new hosted site. I had been comparing using Firebug, but with the raw code, it was much easier to see the differences.

I was able to get everything I need to work by turning tinymce compression off. If I ever need to use that feature I will need to look further at this, but I don’t actually expect to use that, so I’m great.