Publishing module with assets


I just finished my first yii application and published it to the webhost. I am very pleased with the framework and have learned HEAPS. I am planning to develop a second application in the not too distant future and i am sure i can make it at least 2x better, as I will know what to, and what not to do.

Anyhow, i published my app, and i did what it said on this page not to do:

Do not manually edit any file under assets/ - if you have a real need to make a change, find the publishing module, edit the source, delete the subfolder under assets/, and let Yii re-publish the updated files.

So what happened is at the end of the app, i did all the CSS, but i edited files inside the assets. (Which i now realise i should not have done).

I have a copy of the CSS file i need as it got comitted to the SVN repository it is something like assets/{somerandomnumber}/detailview/styles.css

Where do i actually put this file, where is the publishing module. I spent quite a lot of time on the CSS and i really hope someone is not going to tell me that it is generated somehow.

I want it in the right place, so i can wipe my assets file and Yii will replace it with the correct CSS.

FYI I figured out how to turn off the ones that yii generates. And then i just loaded my css files into the /css/ folder.

On the widget, i set the pager property to false.

In this case my code looked like this:

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(



        'pager'=>array('cssFile'=>false, 'class'=>'CLinkPager'),

)); ?>