Publish theme images dir

hi, i’m using themes for my project.

Inside themes dir I’ve created “js”, “css” and “theme-img” dirs. Purpose is to publish them as assets using AssetManager.

Now, my problem is for "theme-images" because assetManager publishes it as "75d249e5" named-dir. Is it possible to publish with its name, i.e. "theme-img" ?

Even if I’ve tried to set “true” $hashByName for publish() function it returns always “75d249e5” named dir.

From :

"$hashByName boolean whether the published directory should be named as the hashed basename. If false, the name will be the hashed dirname of the path being published. Defaults to false. Set true if the path being published is shared among different extensions."

What am I doing wrong there?



You don’t need to publish theme assets because themes are under web folders.

You’re right, thanks :)