Public Assets Not Working

I am having problems writing to /assets and /runtime, even with permissions set to 777. [size="2"]Disabling safe mode did not work. [/size] [size="2"]

I have tested the site on another server and it worked fine.

After I am logged into the admin (with Yii default theme ), I am receiving the following errors:

[/size] [size="2"]404 Not Found - /assets/ecb1741/listview/styles.css" styles.css

404 Not Found - /assets/7f85ce9e/jquery.js" jquery.js

404 Not Found - /assets/7f85ce9e/"

404 Not Found - /assets/ecb1741/listview/jquery.yiilistview.js" jquery…view.js

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

I used Firebug to get the above information. There is nothing in the error logs.

Not working on this server:[/size] [size="2"]

Plesk 9.5

Apache 2.2.3 RedHat



[size="2"]Tested on this server and worked fine:[/size] [size="2"]


PHP/ 5.2.17[/size]