./protected/yiic migrate in phing?


I try to execute the /protected/yiic migrate command through phing and wanted to ask if anyone knows a way to not get the confirmation message for yes|no without knowing the migration number.



add switch: --interactive=0

(source: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/database.migration#customizing-migration-command)

Thank you a lot, it works!


I’m using Yii-User extenion form yii-extension-download-page.

In the installation guide, there are required using command :

But, when I using command line in window, it’s some error like:

How can I use "protected/yiic" in command line?

Because I’m not config yiic in window variables, so I use the command like:

Are there errors?

Please help


Hi, I’ve solved my problem and this is my step to done:

After downloaded and axtracted in "/protected/modules/user", I run the command line in Window:

Before you run the above command, you shoud check "/protected/config/congif.php", it must content database connect information like:

This is a very important point for you to setup Yii-User extension and I don’t want you wasting time in this step.

:) good luck!!!