Protected Folder Structure?

I am trying to create a simple hello world application.

In both of these pages, I am told to run a command line executable to create a skeleton directory which creates a working application: &

Let’s say I don’t have command line access.

If I have the "framework/" directory inside of my webroot, and I have a single PHP file that says "<?php echo "Hello World"; ?>"… what exactly do I need to create in order for Yii to display Hello World on my website?

Let’s even say I have the index.php file which defines Yii and Config already done, AND let’s say I have the protected/config/main.php all set up.

What else is needed? Is there a list somewhere that I can look at and create the necessary directory structure?

Just trying to get Yii up and running. Thanks!

(PS. I can’t post for 10 mins after creating an account I get… but not being able to post links for new accounts is ridiculous).

Sorry about the links, we have some history with spammers here…

I suggest to simply take a look at the hello world demo application which ships with every Yii release. It seems what you are missing is a controller.

Controllers (by default) belong into:


Take a look at this hello world controller.

Everything you need to know is explained here: