Propose an extension for image selector and dynamic effects

[2 Images attached!!! Take a look]

Hi all.

I want to develop an extension but I know Yii only few weeks. I know other frameworks better. So I need help.

Maybe someone here can do it.


1 - We eliminate the need to create <input file tag> and we use <input text tag>

2 - A popup is open, we choose the file, and the complete path is save.

3 - We click save and done.


We go list the images and see it's veeeeeeeery big size. Because it's in original size.

So what we do?

We in real time generate the file as needed.

This is good because, if I want for example, resize 1000 images from 200 x 100 pixel to 300 x 150. I can do without re-uploading it all.

Was I clear in this explanation?

I already have this funcionality, but not as a extension.

It works pretty good for my specific situation.

pic-1.jpg shows a text field and a button which opens a popup

pic-2.jpg shows a popup opened with a selector images.

pic-3.png shows the code I made to better understand my logic. Which is:

1 - Load the string path of the file.

2 - Generate a resized image in tmp dir.

3 - Asset it and done.

pic-4.png Show the result.

Thanks for all those who could understand my messy explanation!!

obs: I use [extension] image:

The image selector is tinybrowser, a plugin for tinymce editor that works standalone. http://www.lunarvis…rwithupload.php





Sorry guys.

I think there is a bug in the forum. I needed to upload in parts.