Proposal: adding "appUrl" to Application Config


I have conquered the need to do something like this:

File: <app>/protected/config/main.php:

  'appUrl' => 'http://localhost/myapp/',

This is the absolute path, where my Application resides.

After that, i can use it to set a path relative from this one:

$image = Yii:app()->config['appUrl'] . "/images/myimage.png";

At the moment it raises an Exception in framework/base/CModule.php(404)

because there is no private Variable appUrl, but i fixed this for my purpose.

Does it make sense to apply this "feature" in future Yii Versions?

What you are saying isn't this?


baseUrl seems to be the name of the folder, where my application is placed.

I wanted to deploy the whole URL of the Web-Server where my Project is placed, so i can move it whereever i want and just need to modify one line, instead of hundred places scattered around my source code.

so, for example:

baseUrl would be: myapp

appUrl would be: