Property "tbmenu.itemcssclass" Is Not Defined

Hi Folks,

I’m getting this error with the latest version of the bootstrap extension when using the TbMenu widget

Property "TbMenu.itemCssClass" is not defined

Everything worked fine before I upgraded to the latest version of the extension and if I comment out the two relevant lines in TbBaseMenu everything seems to work as expected (so far, anyway).

if ($this->itemCssClass !== null)

   $classes[] = $this->itemCssClass;

Also, I don’t get the error on my local machine, only on a live server. Does anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

Same problem here. Installed the extension on a fresh webapp. Maybe i can have a deeper look inside later.

Just throwing a "me too" in here.

same type of exception when running

Button dropdown menus

Property "TbDropdown.itemCssClass" is not defined.

Same here. Added a isset to avoid the issue.

if (isset($this->itemCssClass) && $this->itemCssClass !== null)

     $classes[] = $this->itemCssClass;