Property "cwebapplication.mail" Is Not Defined.


i try to defined a mail server gmail for contact form

and got this error

any one can assume why?

Property "CWebApplication.mail" is not defined.

Property "CWebApplication.mail" is not defined.


471 }

472 }


474 /**

475 * Configures the module with the specified configuration.

476 * @param array $config the configuration array

477 */

478 public function configure($config)

479 {

480 if(is_array($config))

481 {

482 foreach($config as $key=>$value)

483 $this->$key=$value;

484 }

485 }


487 /**

488 * Loads static application components.

489 */

490 protected function preloadComponents()

491 {

492 foreach($this->preload as $id)

493 $this->getComponent($id);

494 }


It’s saying that you’ve created a config entry with the key ‘mail’, which isn’t valid because it’s not a property of CWebApplication.

Try something like this:

hi tnx for reply

but i think its not help me here

i have the page of contact form, from the web application

i just need to get the mail from senders who try to send me mails.

Seems like the right solution to me.

You can also try MailChimp Mandrill. It is very easy to integrate with an Yii application.

It is free for up to 12k emails per month.

'mail' => array(             

  'class' => 'ext.yii-mail.YiiMail',             

  'transportType' => 'php',             

  'viewPath' => 'application.views.mail',             

  'logging' => true,             

  'dryRun' => false         ),

add this code to main.php


sergiy is partially right.

I had the same problem "Property "CWebApplication.mail" is not defined."

As documented in YiiMail.php Lines 10 to 43 you have to add the mail-config-array into components-array. In my case after user-config-array ;)

Hope this helps.