Project Information


My client requirment is

1) Manage a bottle and table services and booking system.

2) Manage the event on date wise

3) Manage the Venue Management which is created by Vendor

4) Manage the Customer which is created by Vendor

5) Manage the All data on admin side

how can i start it…any suusgestion is appreciated. :rolleyes:

Have you any similiar site availbale?

i want to develop this yii freamwork.

I would start by designing the database. Don’t forget about foreign keys. If you do that properly and are satisfied with the result generate all admin CRUD.

Now probably do some adjustments in the database schema. It’s hard to get it right at the first time.

After that design user roles and other auth items and place checkAccess() in proper places.

At last do some custom views adjustment to make most common tasks easier.

Thanks… :rolleyes: