Progressive Enhancement / Section 508

I'm not as familiar yet with Yii as I'd like to be, so please forgive me if this is already in place and thus a moot point…

I’d like to see Yii embrace the concept of Progressive Enhancement as much as possible. I work with a lot of US government sites, and all sites under the US Gov are required by law to support s508 whenever possible.

Making sites work properly in s508 under Prado has proven to be quite tricky. I thought that if action was taken at this early stage with Yii, that developing s508 sites with Yii might be a little more painless.

For example, can a Yii application run with JavaScript turned off?

From what I have seen if you explicitly use an "ajax" control do not expect Yii to function (as expected) when javascript is turned off. That said there is no reason why you could not design your own set of "dual" purpose controls. That is the nice thing about Yii - since there is so much occurring in the background it makes it easier to implement this type of functionality.


Like other frameworks, Yii does not depend on javascript, although it has very good support of using javascript.