Progress bar for file uploading

There are many functions that need a lot of time. I want to know what is the progress of the current function. Is there any way?

For example, I upload a large file, I want to konw how many percent is uploaded and the current speed.

Another example, I want to process 1,000 images, I want to know how many are done.

There is no single way to do this, in the case of a file upload, there are many extensions that provide a progress bar. If you have a lengthy proces to do, you could use ajax to do the work in the background, and make it update a progress bar using JS.

TKS very much. Extensions are too much complicated and need a lot of resource, I just need a simple one.

I think about this way much time. However, I am a little confused. [b] I just want to konw how these actions communicate with each other.


Maybe I should put these methods into the model class. I am not sure.

Thank you in advance.

class FileController extends Controller {


     * ajax function: return how many files are handled now

     * get the progrss of the check file action

     * just need to know the current count and file number


    public function actionCheckFileStatus(){

        //I just want to know how to get $count from other function



     * ajax function start the check file progree

     * check image files and update them if needed

     * it takes a lot of time to check the image files 


    public function actionCheckFile($fileList){

        $count = 0;

        foreach ( $file as $fileList ){

            //do some check and update here