Programming Yii2 App on 2 machines

I’m looking for suggestions on the best development process.

The problem:

  • I have a work PC and a home PC that I need to work on the same Yii2 project.

  • I have both PC’s set up with WAMP/Composer/Github/NetBeans8

Proposed process:

1 work on project at work on work PC, make changes.

2 possibly add new extension via composer

3 before I go home, git add/commit/push to remote (Github)

4 when I get home, git pull

5 composer update

6 work on project at home on home PC, make changes.

7 GoTo #2

<repeat> precess from work PC the next day.

Anyone have a better process?

Laptop / notebook :)

Seriously, the process you described here seems to be fairly easy, fast and painless. In what aspect do you think it needs to be improved?

Thanks for the reply…

In general I try to make my life as easy & simple as I can (yes, lazy == efficient sometimes). My current process is certainly workable. I actually do use a work laptop (with 2 large monitors), and at home, I have a multiple large monitors on my home PC. I really don’t want to shuffle cables back & forth and my Dell XPS does not have a decent docking station I could use to switch. In any case, I was just testing to see if I was missing some alternative and thought you folks would be the best to ask.

If you are the only developer you could zip the whole project onto a usb and unzip at home. It might be quicker.

Hehe, that is actually what I’m doing. :D

So when your dev-setup is exactly the same at home and at work.

I second this proposal. ;)


That would indeed be way to simple but the PHI-phobic company (we deal with health data) I work for thought it a good security measure to lock down USB through McAfee on all our laptops. I could possibly turn this “feature” off, but that could cost me my job, so not an option. One alternative that did bring to mind is to zip up the project and DropBox it. That my work quite well. My source has no PHI inherently so I just want to make sure I don’t get any sample data caught up in the zip’ing.

Thanks for the ideas.