- Online Accounting Application

Hello Everybody

We have launched an online Accounting application, completely powered by the Yii framework:

It is feature-rich, flexible and a highly configurable application.

The biggest differentiating factor of this application with any other similar software is the manner in which you can record a Sale Transaction (or a purchase Transaction), or in other words, make an Invoice. You can create your own columns with options that would satisfy almost every practical business need for a small or medium enterprise. You can also define columns with date and time fields and define even formulas for these fields, which can be very useful if you want the billing to be based on the duration of rent or service time.

Another unique feature is the manner in which it handles multiple currency transactions. Any exchange rate difference in the transactions are auto-calculated. This means that if you perform a sale at a particular exchange rate and when money is received at another rate, the application will auto-calculate the difference and post the corresponding entry. This will be applicable even if the money is received in installments. We guess this feature is not present in any other application.

You can also view reports across multiple companies simultaneously, without switching between them, which is a very desirable convenience feature. We have tried to make the reporting module at par with a traditional desktop application.

Hope you all like it. Please send in your feedback.

Hello biz dev,

It is looks i need one question, did you used Yii-Booster controlls … ?

[size=2]Hi Dhana[/size]

Thanks for the comment.

We havent used YiiBooster.

We have integrated Bootstrap CSS directly.

Nice project, thanks for sharing.

Thank You.

We are pleased to announce that we have made significant improvements in the Reporting module of the application.

You can now export most of the reports to either pdf or excel format.

Have also added a few videos that show how to use the application.

Check them out in the ‘Tour’ section of the homepage. Please see the third video ‘Creating Templates’, which shows the actual strength of our application.

And please send in your feedback.

Did you start the project?. If yes, how far have you gone?.

Yes, I did.

The first version (in beta) is already online and running.

You can check the site at:

Any feedback will be appreciated.

So perfect.;):D

nice app…how long it takes your time guys…good luck guys.

The link no longer works and I am interested in this. I cannot seem to pm you though.

Please share your link

link provided in not working

The link no longer works and I am interested in this. I cannot seem to pm you though