profile field yii-user extension

Hi all,

i have defined a profile field in yii-user extension with some values on it (ej:1==Álava;2==Albacete;3==Alicante;4==Almería;5==Asturias;). Everything is working fine with registration, i mean, the value is saved on the database.

What i would like to fix is that when i edit the user, the range field select is not set. It has all values inside, but the correct one is not selected…

any ideas?


no problem…

i was making a mistake…the range data was with spaces between values:

1==Álava; 2==Albacete; 3==Alicante; 4==Almería; 5==Asturias;

and the correct value is:


just in case anyone has the same problem :9