Problems with widget and ajax calls

Hi all,

i’m a new on yii framework and I have a big problem with widget. Surfing on internet i understood that with widget i can’t use ajax call cause aren’t managed. On website that i’m developing I need to use widget and with this ajax call. There is a way to bypass this problem?

Tks to all!

write your own jquery code to initiate the ajax call and render it on the page where your widget resides with registerScript:

hope this helps

Thanks for the help and I apologize for my bad english, I’m trying different possibilities, but unfortunately I do not have clear steps to follow to accomplish what I server.

I have a widget that is present in all views of the site.

This widget contains a few posts, when you click the button should look for other posts but I keep getting the error that does not recognize the index / components /, where is the widget.

Do you have any link where I can find the solution?

Thanks again.