Problems with Urls in IIS

Hi, yesterday I purchased a domain and tried to configure my yii2 application.

I was able to configure it so that is reached through https ://www. mysite .com/,
but if I click on one of the buttons on the home page it redirects me to this address: https://

The index is in root/frontend/web/index.php

I’d like to remove the ‘frontend/web’ part of the url and enable Pretty Urls, but I don’t know how to replicate the Apache configuration on IIS, unfortunately it is my first time using it.

I don’t know how to do that in IIS, but if you can use Apache then go for vhost and it is super simple!

Unfortunately, the server I bought uses Windows with ISS and MSSQL, if I can’t solve it I will apply to move to Linux

Last time I used IIS for PHP is was all troubled waters!
But you can install Apache2 to Windows too

Youu have 2 alternatives:

  1. Use path aliases (less desirable)
  2. Go to the website list, and create a new website for each web folder

Bonus tip: The IIS manager has a tool to convert the urs rules from the .htaccess file