Problems with 't' prefix again

I want to use the same scope in all cases when I am using the model. There are at least three cases when same model can be used with the same scope. The example below refers to the model User and scope enabled().

  1. In simple query:

$users = User::model()->enabled()->findAll();

  1. In relational query with User being the primary table

$users = User::model()->enabled()->with('company')->findAll();

  1. In relational query with User being secondary table:

$inventory = Inventory::model()->with('user:enabled')->findAll(); 

If I define ‘enabled’ scope using standard construct:

'enabled' => array('condition'=>'t.enabled=\'Y\'')

I will get "Unknown column t.enabled" in the relational query no 3, because the SQL will look like this:

select * from inventory t inner join user user on = t.userId where t.enabled = 'Y'

The solution would be to define the scope with ‘user’ alias:

'enabled' => array('condition'=>'user.enabled=\'Y\'', 'alias'=>'user')

Indeed, in queries 1 and 3 everything is fine now, but the second query now complains about "unknown column user.enabled’, because the query looks like this:

select * from user t inner join company company on = t.companyId where user.enabled = 'Y'

The reason for this is that CActiveFinder will ALWAYS use ‘t’ as prefix for the primary query model. If I have a scope defined I should be able to use it with no changes in all three situations.

Sorry, but this change had so far introduced more problems that it is trying to fix. The solution could be to introduce an application-wide configuration option to use ‘t’ or table name. For now, I ask everybody to vote if they like the new change or they want their table names back.

Using table name as alias will still bring you problem when working with scope. For example, if the scope is applied on the related object, then the alias would become the relation name. Therefore, it is necessary to declare ‘alias’ option in scope.

Sorry, could you provide an example?

qiang, what workaround do you suggest?

The workaround i see is to make all scopes parametrized with alias parameter

public function published($alias = '')


    $condition = 'status=1';

    if (!empty($alias))

        $condition = $alias.'.'.$condition;



    return $this;


But i dont’t know how to set alias parameter in 3d okhoma’s case.