Problems with shop


I’m new here on Yii.

Last week i installed Yii, the latest version.

I try to install the Yii-Shop but i can’t.

I downloded the shop, i put in protected/modules

I integrate in protected/config/main.php

and when i go in my browser: localhost/yii/index.php?r=shop/install

It’s tell me:

Error 404

The system is unable to find the requested action "install".

And i don’t know why.

What should i do?

In main.php i put this code: ‘modules’=>array(‘shop’ => array( ‘debug’ => ‘true’)),

In the yii shop’s file i have the follwing code: return array(


‘modules’ => array(‘shop’ => array( ‘debug’ => ‘true’)),


If i put exactly like there i.v got erorr page .

What can i do? I have to put some files in protected view? FIles from this shop?

And when i go to localhost/yii/index.php?r=shop

i’v got the erorr from pdf


check your php version.

make one test file and echo phpinfo();

If it’s higher than 5.1 than send your main.php file



I have PHP Version 5.3.0

. i atashed my main.php.


Hello! where can i download this extension?

My steps:

Create a new directory

Run yii webapp path/to/folder

Make a modules directory in protected/

Copy shop into modules

Add the lines per instructions ( without ‘[…]’ )

Create db

And go to directory/index.php?r=shop/install

Sorry phone or else would post better instructions. I did post better instructions in another thread.

You can download from the extensions directory on the main site here or google yii-shop, its on google code if i remeber correctly

Hi! i try to change the tables in the installcontroller of the shop…

then after that i got this error:

Error while installing Webshop




185 $db->createCommand($sql)->execute();

186 }


188 // Do it

189 $transaction->commit();


191 // Victory

192 $this->render(‘success’);

193 } catch (CDbException $exception) {

194 $transaction->rollback();

195 throw new CException(Yii::t(‘’, ‘Error while installing Webshop’));

196 }

197 } else {

198 throw new CException(Yii::t(‘’, ‘Database Connection is not working’));

199 }

200 }

201 else {

202 $this->render(‘start’);

203 }

204 } else {

205 throw new CException(Yii::t(‘’, ‘Webshop is not in Debug Mode’));

206 }

207 }

what should i do? I wanted to change the content of the database…thanks