Problems with popup and $_SESSION


I try to popup a .php page with contents…

in controller

public function actionPopup() {


        $path = Yii::app()->createUrl('protected/views/lectivo/testing/test.php');


        $js2=" ('$path', 'mywindow','status=0,toolbar=0');";

        echo CHtml::script($js2);


in test.php




The popup is opened but the $_session is NULL and the page localhost/project/Lectivo/popup is blank :unsure:


I wanna show a popup with the $_session values and make a html table


Set function session_start(); before var_dump…

10x! It works!

but the page localhost/project/Lectivo/popup is still blank :unsure: I think is due to the call of actionPopup of the controller :unsure:

Why when I put


I get the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function dumpear() in … ??

I try to pass a CDataActoveProvider in $_SESSION but when the page s loaded the data seems to be empty

It seems yii (and / or its functions) does not load on this page within ‘protected/views/lectivo/testing/…’ Why??