problems with gii and assets place

Hi all, I’m trying to learn Yii

I used to work with my own framework, but I found myself spending a lot of time on the framework instead on the website, so I wnna try Yii…

I got used to some directory structure that I tried to reproduce

I tried to configure the main.php configuration file

put in components







it seems like it works in my main app, but I have a problem in gii

It generate the assets i think in the right place but try to include bad directory

basedir/assets/9ac0977a/css/print.css etc.

it need to be


where can I change it?

is the way I configured Yii is ok? this is the directory structure I got used to, so I hope it won’t cause me problems in the future

I can’t post you the directory structure =-( cause It say I’m noob at the forum lol

The directory structure

thx to Sam Dark for the solution