Problems with CWebServiceAction on server running on not-standard port(eg: 8080)

We are working on some web services with yii running on apache on port 8080 (MAMPStack).

The service are correctly parsed, but when we try to invoke we receive this error:

failed to open stream: Connection refused

Looking at the complete response we noticed that it try to connect to default port (80).

We have also notice that the function

returns “http://localhost” when we invoke a method, while when we ask for the parse of methods using a soap client (SOAP Client for mac from “Scandalous Software”), it returns the correct value. “http://localhost:8080”.

Please notice that there aren't those problems when we invoke methods from another function of the same yii application.

I am a bit confused. What is the content in $_SERVER?

I'm sorry qiang, it is a bug in the Soap Client! :slight_smile: