Problems with ClientScript

Hi again people,

I havin a problem with jquery scripts.

I have a form, with various maskedTextFields, but one of them i used a jquery plugin, switch the Yii don’t have.

My form:

<div class="row">

            <?php echo $form->labelEx($mveiculos, 'valor'); ?> 

            <?php echo $form->textField($mveiculos, 'valor', array()); ?>


            <?php echo $form->error($mveiculos, 'valor'); ?>




        <div class="row checkbox">

            <p class="bold">Selecione os combustíveis usados por seu veículo.</p>

            <?php echo $form->checkBoxList($mcombustiveis, 'cod_combustivel', CHtml::listData($mcombustiveis->findAll(), 'cod_combustivel', 'desc_combustivel')) ?>

            <?php echo $form->error($mcombustiveis, 'cod_combustivel'); ?>


        <div class="row">

            <?php echo $form->labelEx($mveiculos, 'ano_fabricacao'); ?> 







                            'placeholder'=>' ',


                            'htmlOptions' => array ('size' => 4),




            <?php echo $form->error($mveiculos, 'ano_fabricacao'); ?>


The field "Valor" use a jquery plugin that i had included in the my Controller.

The part relevant of the controller:



            $this->render('info_Veiculos', array(

                  'mveiculos' => $mveiculos,

                  'mmarcas' => $mmarcas,

                  'mcombustiveis' => $mcombustiveis,

                  'mtiposVeiculos' => $mtiposVeiculos,

                  'mmodelos' => $mmodelos,

                  'mopcionais' => $mopcionais,

                  'manuncios' => $manuncios,  



My problem is.

When i put the registerScript after the render, the mask of the Widget (CMaskedTextField) not works,

When i put the registerScript BEFORE the render, the mask of field Valor not works.

Somebody can help me?



I solved the problem, using registerCoreScript().

Big Hugs