Problems with BeforeDelete and deleteAllFromAttributes

Hi, im doing a system that needs to delete some related records that is not join using a relation, then i made some changes in my model, and add the event "BeforeDelete" for test when a user deletes some data from this table, and the model deletes all related records of this one, but when i try to use deleteAllFromAttributes that method doesnt start.

How should i use the event for catch the deletion using that method?

Thanks for your help (and sorry about my bad english)

code please

But just as a starter: I think you should have set up relations for related data

This is by design. When you call any deleteAll() method, the records are not loaded into memory. Instead a DROP FROM TABLE … SQL command is sent to the DB. Thus there’s no object created for the deleted records and hence the beforeDelete() is not called in this situation.

use this


Thanks for your answers, like mike says its true, i cant follow a deleteAll with BeforeDelete because the records are not in memory or object, and i cant follow that event, i must delete one by one using the delete command, thanks again for your answer